Friday, September 25, 2009

CODEPINK and Jewish Voice for Peace are supporting the US tour of two extraordinary young Israeli women, Maya Wind and Netta Mishly, to discuss why they refused to serve in an occupying army. This was not a decision they came to lightly as they knew they would pay a price - military prison.
Maya and Netta share a few words about their story and US tour here: We're writing from Tucson, Arizona, after an incredible first week on tour in the US. So far, we have been welcomed very warmly by all of our hosts in the cities we visited, from the San Francisco Bay Area to Seattle to Honolulu, Hawaii! Given the reactions to our politics in Israel, we came prepared for a strong opposition to our events. We were happy that the disagreements that have arisen in our talks have been civil and respectful-- there is an openness to listening that is refreshing, even in a Jewish synagogue and on a campus that usually have a lot of tension around this issue! We hope that our talks will stimulate discussion regarding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the role the US plays in it. As we remind audiences we speak with, "Your tax dollars are fueling our occupation!" The debates at our events are giving us new perspectives which will enrich our discourse back home. We hope to meet you on the tour soon! In solidarity, Maya and Netta
The recently released Goldstone Report, based on a UN fact-finding mission on the Gaza conflict, found evidence of grave "violations of international human rights and humanitarian law and possible war crimes and crimes against humanity" committed by Israel, Hamas, and the Palestinian Authority and recommends that the findings be reviewed by the UN Security Council, with measures taken to ensure accountability.
You can speak up for human rights in the Middle East by
signing our petition to UN Ambassador Susan Rice demanding that the US endorse and support these recommendations. There is already a lot of opposition to the findings of this report; we need to ensure that it won't be swept under the rug.

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