Wednesday, September 23, 2009

If the insurance companies win, you lose. It's really that simple.If Congress passes a bill that denies us the choice of a public insurance plan, Big Insurance wins and you lose. If Congress requires you to buy insurance but doesn't prevent Big Insurance from denying you care when you get sick or revoking your coverage when you need it, they win and you lose.1But we can fight back. Today, TrueMajority/USAction members and affiliates are among the thousands of people lined up outside insurance company offices to demand that they stop denying our care and stop using our premiums to lobby against healthcare reform.Even if you can't attend an event, you can join us. Click here to fax these insurance companies and key congressional leaders a list of the same demands. years, insurance companies have made record profits by choosing when to cover our healthcare and when to deny our claims. They make life-and-death decisions while we pay the price.But because they're spending millions of dollars on campaign contributions and lobbyists to defeat reform - $1.4 million per day!2 -- Congress is threatening to let them win the fight for reform.But as customers and citizens, we still have a voice. And today, we're fighting back. Click here to fax your demands to the insurance industry and join thousands who are doing the same thing today.-Drew

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