Saturday, March 20, 2010

Mythic Journeys Documentary 2009

check it out.

Afghanistan War + More Troops = Catastrophe (Trailer)

'we must become aware of the real consequences of your inaction.
becoming aware is an action. Refusing to be stupid and ignorant to the abuse is an action

This war must come to an end and the only way to do it is with your active support. As a Peacemaker you will be able to
help us spread the word with your friends and your network of people through Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and email.

Our voices together will send a loud message to Washington: End This War Today. By becoming a Peacemaker you will receive up to date information about the campaign, including videos exposing the reality of the war and all the necessary tools to make a difference and take action. You will also be part of an extensive network of peacemakers around the country willing to do their part in putting an end to this war.