Thursday, April 26, 2012

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

To be old is to be wise.
Yet, so many arrive at old age
Without wisdom.
They have missed developing wisdom
In their mature years.
Hence their old age is bleak.
And they do not know
How to die in peace and with grace.
Wisdom enables you to live in meaning
To smile when you become old
To die in dignity.
How do you acquire wisdom?
It is not easy but it is possible.
You need to believe
That you are more than you are.
You have to develop the art of Transcendence
Of what is obvious and ordinary.
You must see the big picture
Into which all small facts can fit.
You need to understand that ordinary knowledge
Is just too small for developing wisdom.
You must serve universal causes
Beyond your ego and your interests.
Yes, wisdom has its price.
But the rewards are great.
You arrive at old age smilingly
And you are able to die peacefully.

Henryk Skolimowski