Thursday, April 2, 2009


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Its spring time, a great time to flush the liver. All winter we have been eating our hearty soups, meat, and products with fat in order to keep ourselves warm. Now it is time to clean our blood and renew our energy with an easy, simple Spring Liver Flush.
R E C I P E :
1/8th of a Lemon (no peels)
8 cloves of organic garlic
2 TB Apple Cider Vinegar
3 TB Raw Honey
In a blender, combine all ingredients until it becomes a mash like consistency.
Take 1 spoonful (about 1/2 Tablespoon) and eat it in the morning. Do this for three mornings in a row. Your liver will love you! The mash will go to your liver, and act as a cleansing screen for your blood. The garlic is a key ingredient here, as it is a blood thinner, detoxifier, and viral inhibitor. Honey is an anti-bacterial, helping to eliminate bacteria, the vinegar alkalizes the blood and cleanses, and the lemon also alkalizes, cleanses and offers Vitamin C and alkaloids and bioflavonoids (great for vein health). Watch the bags under your eyes, yellow tones to skin above eyes, and aches and pains fade away.
Your liver has a tough job of taking everything you put into your body, and removing anything unhealthy. The liver runs all of your blood through it about 20 times a day! Help your liver do its job by “Cleaning the Screen”. Did you know your liver is the largest organ in your body, after the skin? It weighs about 3 pounds!
We encourage the Liver Flush for whole health. You will notice a boost in energy, elimination of nagging symptoms, and increased bodily health. For even more liver cleansing and toning, try a cup of dandelion root and dandelion leaf tea. Milk thistle is also an excellent nourishing herb for assisting the liver in repairing itself.

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