Thursday, February 2, 2012

In 2008, a woman'a group from Pinckney, Michigan, The Wild Womyn,  dedicated a "Gather the Women Event" to the creation of Goddess Masks, inspired by Loren Raine. 
She graciously allowed us to draw creative energy from her work. 

The creation of and the circle work involved with the awakening of our own masks, has 4 years later, been noted to be part of our individual evolution.

Loren is again creating a presence for us.....she calls out to the old spirits of the divinine feminine, and requests their expression in this Time.....In honor of her dedication to the energy of the Feminine, to the deep energies that are freed into our world and consciousness, lets us assist as possible.

The Masks of the Goddess

Mythology is at the roots of our culture, stories that inspire and teach.  We have endless renditions of war god myths -  but few  know the universal, multi-cultural myths of the Goddess, the "faces of feminine dieties".  What is the "Mirror of Sophia?"  How is the "Descent of Inanna" important?  Who was Sedna?  These ancient yet contemporary stories, and many others,  are deeply meaningful as we create a new mythology for our time:  stories that empower women and envision sustainable ways of living in Mother Earth.
For almost 10 years the  Masks of the Goddess were brought to life by dancers, storytellers, and teachers. The project ended in 2008, but ever since then I've received many requests to use the masks, which I no longer have.  So this year (2012) I've begun work on a new collection, which will be held in trust for future communities.  I'm seeking $6,000.00 for the time and materials I need to make 21 new masks ($1,000.00 of that amount will  be for the costs of producing and shipping Rewards).  Monies raised will also fund the "inaugural performance" of the new collection at the 2012 Women and Mythology Conference in San Francisco, produced and directed by author and ritualist  Macha NightMare.  As she describes it,
"Around the world 'spirits of place' have revealed themselves to us, encounters that generated stories told over the ages. With masks especially created for this event, we propose a ritual performance that offers all celebrants encounters with these goddesses as they have been known in the past and as they exist today."
Thank you so much for your encouragement and support!

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