Friday, June 17, 2011

Dear Reader---from independent news organization.
I cant say enough about how badly "Free Press" is needed in this unfree country of ours....Real News, Democracy Now, The Nation, The Progressive....Grit name a few...
Another Truth-out...that i love to read and am amazed at what they are able to uncover and report on.....

There’s a lot of glad-handing and self-congratulations in the traditional media and among so-called “democracy experts” about our first amendment rights in this country.
The mainstream press is so “free” that it chooses not to cover a nuclear power crisis in Nebraska.

The mainstream media are so free that they rely on small independent outfits like Truthout to investigate Monsanto’s chemical dumping and our own government’s torture and deception.

The “free press” chases down fake stories about serial killers instead of dissecting the mass slaughter of Americans who can’t obtain health insurance.

So while they sit in their comfy chairs reading press releases and personal emails from PR flacks, we’ll keep doing our best to dig deeply into stories and stay with them, no matter where they lead.
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The mainstream media are so free, that they spend all day entranced by the stock market ticker, instead of taking a camera out to the street and interviewing the people Wall Street has forced from their homes.

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