Friday, October 22, 2010

'Maybe you think you’ve seen it all – I certainly thought I had, until I saw the husband of Republican US Senate candidate Linda McMahon on television degrading a woman wrestler – ordering her to get on her knees, bark like a dog, and take off her clothes to prove that she is “sorry.” If you are disgusted, send a letter of protest to Linda McMahon.
The video is disturbing, but if you must see it, you can watch it here. This is the kind of disgusting spectacle Linda McMahon created as CEO of World Wrestling Entertainment, and now she wants to be the US Senator from Connecticut.
Help us stop the madness. Please send this message to everyone you know in Connecticut, and remind them how important it is to vote on Election Day, Tuesday, November 2nd.
McMahon has already said she will spend $50 million dollars to win the race against Richard Blumenthal, the Connecticut Attorney General who was influential in passing comprehensive domestic violence legislation and has been personally active as chair of two anti- violence efforts, “Men Against Domestic Violence” and “Men Make A Difference.”
Don’t let the $50 million dollars that she made on depraved productions like this one buy her a seat in the US Senate.
Send a letter of protest demanding that Linda McMahon renounce World Wrestling Entertainment's degradation of women and stop spending the millions she made by promoting violence to buy a seat in the United States Senate. Women deserve better.
For ending violence against women,
Kim Gandy
Kim Gandy
Vice President


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