Saturday, February 6, 2010

Happy Imbolc Time....may our waters again begin to flow, flushing out the debris and opening us all up to love.....

I found this link by pure accident.....or not...but it is really an awesome site.....below an excerpt...

Welcome to the Spirit of Ma'at online magazine. We publish a new magazine each month.
We invite you to explore more than 50 issues of Spirit of Ma'at e-zine on various exciting topics.


What comes to life in the dead of winter and where do we find our inspiration when all of nature seems to be in a holding pattern? If things have been in a state of suspension the month of February marks a turning point in the cycle, one which opens up the flow of energies that will eventually give birth to the Spring. As this energy begins to stir in the darkness it activates the creative force that lives inside each one of us. If what we create starts out as a vision, by the time this month comes to an end our visions will be firmly etched into the Unified Field. So the question is; how far can we go with our dreams? At a time when our capacity to envision a new and better world could make a difference what can we do to eliminate any doubt that that might be true? The articles and videos in our Mid-Winter issue focus on the things that all of us have to deal with as we attempt to find out where our purpose lies and learn as much as we can about how the life force works through us to guide us toward the future. If any of them serve to help you understand even a little bit more about how to light up the creative fire that lives in your heart we will have accomplished our purpose.

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