Wednesday, November 11, 2009

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LIVE AT NOON: Our Future: What Can We Do?
By: GRITtv Wednesday November 11, 2009 11:30 am

How much control does the President really have, anyway? Americans voted for change and are getting frustrated with the lack of it, but our guests have both written about the powerful forces holding the status quo in place. John Perkins is the author of Hoodwinked and Confessions of an Economic Hit Man, and has written about how corporations push politicians around and even threaten them with violence. Russ Baker, meanwhile, is the author of Family of Secrets: The Bush Dynasty, the Powerful Forces That Put It in the White House, and What Their Influence Means for America and has written extensively about the military-industrial complex.
In the new film
Collapse, filmmaker Chris Smith follows Michael Ruppert as he raises the alarm again and again on the financial crisis, energy, the environment, and more. Is he a genius, or just paranoid? And with all this scary information out there, what can citizen activists do?

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ben said... conducted a study among 305 viewers of a news clip featuring a new book on how to “fix” Wall Street. Results found that 44% of viewers would buy the book, “Hoodwinked” by John Perkins. The overwhelming majority of viewers (93%) reported that businesses should take actions to benefit the public interest. The majority of viewers (77%) indicated that they were not aware of any companies that are currently taking actions to benefit the public interest. A similar number of viewers (78%) reported that they would be more likely to shop at a store if they knew that the business was taking actions to benefit the public interest.
More in depth results can be seen at: