Thursday, July 9, 2009

Express your support for parole forNative American leader and political prisonerLeonard Peltier! Hearing scheduled for July 27Your letter must be received before July 14

Leonard Peltier, Native American leader, Ojibwa-Sioux of Turtle Mountain Indian Reservation in North Dakota, has been unjustly imprisoned for 34 years in U.S. federal prison, a victim of FBI political persecution. His upcoming parole hearing is Monday, July 27. We urge you to write letters of support for Leonard’s parole to the Bureau of Prisons by clicking here.
Act Today! Letters should be received by the BOP before July 14. Add your voice to help free Leonard Peltier! The FBI has persecuted Peltier ever since a 1975 FBI armed raid on Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota, in which two of their agents were killed.The FBI raid was the culmination of three years of a murderous U.S. government war on the residents of Pine Ridge, in which over 60 traditional members and American Indian Movement activists were murdered. Leonard Peltier was among the young AIM members who came to Pine Ridge to protect elder residents who had pleaded for AIM’s protection.

Because Peltier had successfully escaped to Canada and did not face trial with Robideau and Butler, the FBI waged an all-out campaign so that someone would pay for the FBI deaths. The FBI fabricated a false claim to secure Peltier’s extradition from Canada. He was tried, convicted and sentenced to two consecutive life sentences.During Leonard’s trial, numerous irregularities were committed by the prosecution and FBI, including falsification of evidence, forced testimony later recanted by witnesses, deliberate withholding of tens of thousands of pages of FBI documents, and more.Since his conviction in 1977, numerous appeals for a new trial for Peltier have been denied on technical grounds, despite overwhelming evidence of massive FBI misconduct in the prosecution. Peltier has many supporters in the United States and around the world, including hundreds of U.S., European and Latin American parliamentarians, Nelson Mandela, Rigoberta MenchĂș, Bishop Desmond Tutu, Southern Christian Leadership Conference, Jesse Jackson, and the U.N. High Commissioner on Human Rights.Take action now!

Click here to send a letter to the United States Parole Commission to express your support for parole for Leonard Peltier. Justice is long overdue!
Write to LeonardYou can also write a letter directly to Leonard to express your support for his case. Letters should be addressed to:
Leonard PeltierReg. 89637-132USP
P.O. BOX 1000

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