Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Welcome Imbolc....Welcome Welcome rising energies........
Perfect time to start fresh....
As described by the best herbalist I know......thanks Bronwen....
New Year's Greetings!
Time to celebrate - we are in the embrace of the energies of the Lunar New
Year, when we celebrate the Light Returning.
So let us celebrate, in this Year of Celebration, this Lunar New Year that
honors the birth and rebirth of the Sacred Feminine in her new and renewed
forms. This is the Festival of Quickening, when the spark of light grows
stronger and takes on independent identity; it is a time to honor gestation as an
essential time of preparation. The purging and purifying times of our winter
’s sojourn in the underworld, tending our inner gardens, is spent, and now
our task is to bring the Light we have garnered forth into our world. It is a festival of Light, of Fire and Water, Earth and Air, honoring as it does the reactivation of flow, the renewal of wells, the passion rising – and Proper Timing – the sun responding to the call of the earth as the sun also calls her to respond.
In many ancient European traditions, this festival honors the Sacred
Feminine as Brigid, yet She who is honored this day connects us to a lineage and a tradition that is older than old, and known by many names, and beloved by all who know Her. Imbolc, this Feast of Brigid, is a Festival dedicated to the
Shining Ones of Faerie, accessed through the Maiden-Mother-Crone Trinity of
the Sacred Feminine. (For a more in-depth exploration of the Maiden Muse,
those Ancient Ones whose care and responsibility is to bring forth Inspiration
into form – through Awakening, through Transformation, through Purification –
email me for information about my "Meet the Muse" Year Journey.)
And in this Year of Celebration, as before, I am creating an Essence Blend
each month that supports you in creating and receiving more enjoyment from
your life as you learn and practice the art and craft of Celebration.
The first Essence Blend is made - it is called "The Celebration of Life: Celebrating
Your Creative Fire." The essences that took part in its creation include a
magical synergy of "Amaryllis" energies, Dandelion and Jewelweed. Here is a
little of what it has to say: "This initiating and Overlighting essence of
the Year of Celebration will gently, at your appropriate pacing, grease the
hinges of your heart, ensure the guardians of these hinges are in full regalia,
and support your ever-expanding ability to express Celebration through the
breathing of your heart from happiness to Joy, and your relaxation back to
Happiness - only to breathe again into the exquisite Celebration of Life as the
Gift that it is." (Ordering information below.)
So let us, no matter what, in this Year of Celebration, celebrate every day
as unique and wonderful. Let us open our hearts ‘full and wide’ to the
Wonders of our World –and our Worlds, inner and outer. We all have so much to
celebrate if we allow ourselves to shift our focus for even a moment.
May this year be full of Joy and Celebration for you, and enduring
Ordering Information.
Individual Bottles (one ounce cobalt blue dropper bottles) are $15 each,
postage included.
Essence Blend subscription, $13.00 per month for 12 months. You will
receive the new Blend as it is ready.
If you pay in advance for the whole year, you pay the discounted price of
$130, 12 blends for the price of 10.
Pay by check or paypal.
Bronwen Gates, Ph.D.
2711 Cranbrook Rd
Ann Arbor, MI 48104
(734) 975-8754

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